Walk into most any home in the South, and you’ll see a copy of Southern Living magazine on the coffee table. It’s filled with recipes, articles, and travel advice that have sustained generations of Southern families. In last month’s edition, there was an article entitled “Unsung Florida Towns”   singing the praises of our own New Smyrna Beach. Just one more source “finding” the treasure we call New Smyrna Beach.
“New Smyrna is authentic Florida at its colorful, funky best, with tons of fun concentrated along a few blocks of Flagler Avenue nearest the beach. It’s the kind of place where you might see a statue of Santa carrying a surfboard; a bikini-clad skateboarder zooming by; or maybe a dog wearing sunglasses. So park yourself at a table on one of the decks at Flagler Tavern, order a cold libation and some conch chowder, and take it all in.
It’s a great article, highlighting some of our favorite restaurants and shops in town – most within an easy stroll of Holiday Cove North. They highly recommend NSB to their readers. Of course, we’ve been doing the same for decades here on the beach.
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