Honoring Janie and Jack Hale


July 5, 1984 was a glorious day for Holiday Cove North. That was the fateful day that Janie and Jack Hale came to HCN as its managers - a position in which they excelled for over 36 years until their retirement in Fall 2020.
Janie and Jack Kale
Janie and Jack did it all, overseeing every aspect of the Holiday Cove North property. They provided HCN residents and visitors with outstanding, personalized service that helped earn HCN the magical, family-oriented reputation that it continues to enjoy today.

There are thousands of stories about Janie and Jack. A few of those stories are included below ...

Florida Mom

I have been coming to Holiday Cove since I was just a little kid, and I was 14 when Janie and Jack arrived with their teen son, Jeff. Jeff would join in with the other teenagers enjoying Holiday Cove - playing games in the pool, wiffleball just off the seawall, surfing in the ocean, etc.

Janie was always around with a friendly smile - the consumate "mother figure" to everyone. She would let us horse around plenty, but Janie provided just enough discipline to make sure we all stayed in one piece!