Honoring Nick & Marion Napolitano

Nick & Marion better known as Poppy & Nanny to us. They knew each other from birth. Their Parents were of Italian descent and their families were known as "Goombahs" (meaning very close friends, just like family). They both grew up in Brooklyn, NY until Poppy was 16. That is when Poppy moved from Brooklyn to Deer Park, Long Island. Along the way Poppy sent a letter to Nanny and they soon began dating. They went to their Prom together then got engaged. Poppy graduated college at 22, but went on to become a Chiropractor. Nanny & Poppy got married at 22 while Poppy worked and finished his education.They decided they wanted to stay on Long Island and purchased a house in Deer Park. This is where they raised the 3 of us Susan, Patricia & Nicholas.

In 1982 a Patient of Poppy's told him about New Smyrna Beach so they sent Nanny on a
mission. Nanny soon came down to New Smyrna and checked it out. Nanny soon was calling Poppy and telling him that she found the perfect place (Holiday Cove North). Our family has now grown and Nanny & Poppy have 5 Grandchildren. We now all come down to Holiday Cove North for the last 40 years. We even have a brick by the Beacon Restaurant with our names on it. We are so proud of our parents and the wonderful memories they have given us here at Holiday Cove North!!. All our love Always to many more Happy Years and Great Memories Together!!!!!
Napolitano Family